Q:why “Invlove Amazon Appstore” check-box not found in the new build?
A:It’s moved ot “Proxy For Applications” list. Click edit icon to select “Amazon Appstore”. This change is to enhance flexibility for proxy function. You can configure proxy for Android Market, Amazon appstore, both, or whole system.
Q:why no proxy running icon on status bar after enabling proxy in the new build?
A:you can check “Show Notifications” to see it again. By default, this icon will not be displayed. It’s to make system status bar cleaner without too many icons.
Q:where I can find free USA proxies? and why don’t you provide proxies in this app?
A:search google. Please upgrade to pro version which supports automatic configuration.
Q:why I need use an USA proxy?
A:market 3.x is checking your ip address country. fake provider does not work any more. we need make it looks like a us user as well(from usa).
Q:why I can not connect to Market after enable proxy?
A:proxy server is broken or not supporting your request. try another proxy or disable proxy for free apps installation.
Q:why I enabled proxy, but still no paid apps visible to me?
A:you might have used a non-us proxy.
Q:why I can see paid app, but unable to purchase after enabling Market Unlocker?
A:make sure you followed the instructions. And installed the app in internal storage instead of sdcard. Do NOT move it using tool like app2sd, because it will cause auto unlock not working on reboot.
Q:why I cannot purchase music and books from Android Market?
A: different with amazon appstore, google checkout needs to verfiy the credit card. A valid USA credit card is a must to do that.
Q:how can I get a working US Amazon account?
A:get a US billing adress and creditcard. If you don’t have that you should generate the info from a site like this: Fake Name Generator(http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/ ). Keep in mind though that you won’t be able to buy anything with it, but you can download the free apps of the day.
Q:Why still I cannot download Amazon app, error “unavailable in your region” even if I use a fake usa credit card and billing address?
A:The fake credit card and billing address was blocked by amazon, you need get another working card.
Q:Why I cannot see some Apps even if everything looks working fine?
A:You can check Android Market Setting, and change content filter in market to unlimited, then go back to show all and market refresh in US mode. (Thanks Leonardo Gandini for the suggestion)
Q:Why does Market Unlocker change my APN?
A:Market Unlocker does not change APN directly. But Android system configures APN based on market settings automatically. So to use original APN, please back to default market first.
Q:Why Market Unlocker not working on my ICS 4.0.3? it cannot get super user access.
A:It’s a known issue of SuperUser, please upgrade to superuser
Q:What’s the difference between Market Unlocker and Market Enabler?
A:Market Unlocker improved Market Enabler by:
Added custom code support
Added Amazon appstore support
Added proxy support to Android market and all applications
Fixed issue of market changed by radio change
Smooth sliding tab
and more
Q:What’s the difference between Market Unlocker and Applanet/Balck Market?
A:Market Unlocker is a legal application to help users able to SEE and BUY paid apps in Android Market and Amazon Appstore. Users need pay for paid apps instead of get them for free.
Q: Why does it always say “No proxy available” while fetching USA proxy? A: It might be that proxy index server has been blocked in your region. For pro users, please check out new version 3.3.6 and above with proxy fetching update.
Q: Why does Market Unlocker not working any more recently?
A: Recently google play has been updated to check user IP address as well as carrier. Please enable proxy while accessing google play. Check out the updated instructions.